Poem about UNBC

There once was a school in the north
Where students of all kinds came forth
They studied and learned
And degrees they earned
At the University of Northern British Columbia

The campus was nestled in trees
With buildings that sometimes would freeze
But the people were warm
And they weathered the storm
At the University of Northern British Columbia

The programs were varied and rich
From arts to science to niche
They offered it all
Both big and small
At the University of Northern British Columbia

The spirit was lively and strong
With clubs and events all year long
They cheered and they sang
And they made their bells rang
At the University of Northern British Columbia

So if you are looking for a place
Where education and fun interlace
You might want to go
And give it a show
At the University of Northern British Columbia

Reflection: I’ve always thought AI was a super cool concept, and as such have played around with it a lot. As a result, I’d say my prompting skills have definetly improved. When I first started, I had intended to write a poem about how much I dislike University, but AI doesn’t like to write negatively. So I just decided to write a poem about what goes on there, and after a few tweaks such as ‘this should be longer’ and ‘either specify the Cafeteria food as bad, or don’t include it in the poem.’ I got a result that looked nice enough to share. Moving on to what I like and dislike about the poem: I am a musician. I write music, including Lyrics, but I’m rarely ever happy with what I write. I liked how the AI ended all the verses the same, and for the most part the structure of the poem was fairlywell built. As far as prompts go, I started it fairly simply, at first I just said “write me a poem about UNBC” and it didn’t really do it well, it more described northern BC, and the people who live there, so I had to describe that it was a university, and provided the link to the website. After that it made it a little better, but there was still some fine tuning. Some of the syllables didn’t line up all the way, and it mentioned Victoria, so again I had to correct it by saying things like “this place is in Prince George, and Line 7 is 2 syllables too long.” One thing I didnt like, but had decided to keep in, was the part where it says “they made their bells rang”. Im going to be frank, I decided to keep it in so I had something negative to say about the poem. I found the sentence quite clunky and forced, and it made me sort of wince while reading it. I like to throw a lot of hate onto UNBC, but I suppose it doesnt allign exactly with my human experiance at the school. It’s not quite hell, as I enjoy this class and my comparative religions class, but I pay just under 3000 a semester, and you still make me pay for parking?


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